One of your most effective routes to cutting costs quickly is to switch to high performance, low energy – and low maintenance – LED lighting. Typically, it will cut traditional fluorescent, sodium and metal halide systems lighting bills by around 70%.

Logical Energy Consultants can also help you avoid the need for up front capex, as we can help incorporate installation payments into a simple lease purchase payment plan, usually settled in three years, with costs offset by energy savings.

We offer a free consultancy to provide you a detailed survey of your premises, a full comparison report, bespoke colour rendered light mapping along with full costings, cost savings and finance packages to help you significantly reduce your operational costs and enjoy an enhanced lighting environment.


LED Lighting

You’ll know by now that at Logical Energy Consultants we’re not tied to any one manufacturer. This is vital in finding the best, most efficient and longest-lasting solution for you.

Emergency Lighting

In lighting, it’s been a sobering reminder of the vital importance of emergency lighting for any organisation. Put bluntly, it can be a life-saving measure.